Antifenix pamphlet. The Fenix verdict: Defendants acquitted (PDF)

3 years of lack of evidence – 3 years that fucked up our lives (DOWNLOAD .PDF FILE HERE)

The Fenix case uproar, consists of a lot of accusations of many crimes, ranging from the one of so-called “promotion of terrorism” to the one of preparation of terrorist attacks. These are the ones that were most discussed at the latest Municipal Court Hearing in Prague. During their verdict, the judge acquitted all the five defendants of the Fenix 1 case. Is it a victory? Why this decision isn’t final? Followed article is a translation of a month old overview over the court hearings and some analyses of our situation and experience, originally written in Czech language. Continue reading

New accusations: Fenix 2 is spinning up

It was quite clear, that releasing Lukáš Borl from the prison doesn’t mean the end of another continuing of Fenix operation. More precisely Fenix 2 (The case of Lukas Borl). One of the charges brought against Lukáš is establishing, supporting and spreading a movement leading to suppressing human rights and freedoms. But the police will have kind of a hard time to prove existence of a group, where ther is only one person. Even for terrorism are needed at least three people, every newbie at the police academy knows that. And members of police units are not counted as part of the group! And so genius idea was born and it was clear that at least the second episode of Fenix needs a better reputation. After “unbiased“ judge in Fenix 1 ( the entrapment case where five anarchist facing charges for a “terrorist attack” against the train with military equipment in a state of preparation), who worked 13 years for ÚOOZ (the same unit who infiltrated and later arrested the group), would love to shoot refugees, hates Roma people and very probably women too, and after embarrassing apology from the Ministry of injustice to Igor after Igor was found “innocent” by the supreme court two weeks ago (doesn’t mean much, he still faces the deportation procedure), would policemen look like total losers if they kept claiming that Borl supports movement consisting of himself.

So the police shifted up a gear and came up with a plan. Into Fenix 2 were added four more people. On June 9th the police launched a prosecution against 3 aanarchists and one environmental firebrand, all charged with 16 felonies in total. Those 68 pages of accusation almost sound like a stupid joke if we consider that charges are based on who may wrote what on the internet some years ago, what kind of literature was kept at home or what does he thinks. But unfortunately we know that this is only another repression from the police and those five fellow troublemakers persecuted in Fenix 2 (Lukáš plus four  new ones) face bullying, have to search for lawyers and can end up in jail and that’s where the “fun” stops.

We are actually not kidding at all. After sentence in Aachen, few days ago, against anarchist who was sentenced to 7,5 years, are these accusations showing again and again that any kind of apology from the ministry of justice (as they just sent to Igor) is only a strategic move to legitimize another repression, control and bully. But no state will ever get our legitimacy.

In solidarity with the accused in Felix 1 and Fenix 2, Igor, Warsaw Three,
anarchist sentenced in Aachen and all the other rebels behind the bars. With desire for freedom in our hearts.



Lukáš Borl, který byl držený ve vazební věznici v Litoměřicích od září minulého roku, byl dnes propuštěn. Na soud tedy bude čekat mimo zdi věznice. Je to poprvé za poslední dva roky, kdy v tzv. ČR žádný anarchista není ve vězení.

Lukáš Borl, an anarchist imprisoned in remand since September 2016 was released on bail today. That means that he will wait for the court outside of the prison walls. It is the first time since the beginning of the operation Fenix when no anarchist is in so called Czech republic held in prison.

Wheat-pasting in Minsk

Minsk, Belorusko: informační solidární akce pro anarchisty a anarchistky v tzv. České republice7. listopadu minští anarchisté a anarchistky polepili ty skvělý plakáty vedle českého velvyslanectví v historické částí Minsku – Vrchní město.

Naší zbraní je solidarita!

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Minsk, Belarus: informative solidartiy action for anarchists in so-called Czech republic

On 7th od October Minsk anarchists spreаd some nice info posters about the Fenix operation around the czech embassy in historical part of Minsk city.

Solidarity is our weapon!

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Минск: акция солидарности с анархистами Чехии

7 ноября в Минске анархистами в знак солидарности с чешскими товарищами были распространены плакаты возле чешского посольства, а также в исторической части Минска – Верхнем Городе, в районе которого и находится посольство.

Солидарность – наше оружие!

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Defense of the anarchist perspective


We decided to publish an English translation of an article written by Lukas in October 2015. Lukas described why went underground and his opinion about solidarity and legal vs illegal actions. For sure Lukas would love to hear your thoughts on this topic, so feel free to send him a letter with your opinion. Just try to choose simple terms, because he just started to learn English. Continue reading


At the end of October we published information about a prisoner Petr Mikolas, who was starting a protest hunger strike in solidarity with the striking prisoners in the US. Petr spent some time in the same cell with our imprisoned comrade Lukas Borl and they got along well together. Despite having little time or information, we decided to support Petr in his fight because we saw them as a struggling prisoner against one of the most clear institutions of oppression and we had a letter of support from Lukas. However, new information has come to light and we have decided to not support Petr Mikolas as an individual anymore. This statement aims to explain our decision. Continue reading

Solidarity gesture for the 6 recently imprisoned comrades in Italy, and Lukáš Borl in Czech Republic (Greece, Athens)

As a gesture of solidarity with the recently imprisoned comrades in Italy and in Czech Republic, we hung a banner in Athens, writing:
Armed attack until the total destruction of authority and enforcement
for all the imprisoned anarchist brothers, for all our stolen moments
Unıon of anarchıst ındıvıduals Uroborus

Abychom vyjádřili solidaritu s nedávno uvězněnými anarchisty v Itálii a v České republice, vyvěsili jsme v Aténách tento transparent s nápisem:
Ozbrojený útok až do naprostého zničení autority a moci.

Pro všechny uvězněné anarchistické bratry, za všechny ukradené okamžiky. Solidaritu a jednotu s nedávno uvězněnými soudruhy v Italii a v České republice.
Svaz anarchistických individuí Uroborus.

Solidarity message from a Czech prison


Hello. My name is Lukáš Borl. I am 34 years old and recently I am held in custody prison in Czech republic – Europe. I am an anarchist and I express my solidarity with all oppressed and exploited people around the World regardless their origin, sexual orientation or gender. From this perspective I decided to send few words of solidarity to the prisoners in USA where, according to the information available to me, a general strike of working prisoners began on 9.9.2016. Regardless what they’ve done, regardless how the Criminal Procedure is categorizing it, I want to express my support to every striking person in prisons around USA. Continue reading