Repressions in so-called Czech republic. Timeline A2 poster


Police repressions and surveilance targeting against anti-authoritarian and subversive movements had always been present. In past years we experienced them of an unprecedented scale of Czech context and history, including entrapment, terrorist charges, large media demonization, attempts of dividing the movement, spreading paranoia, imprisonment and long exhausting court hearings. „Operation Fénix“, as police name for the entrapment operation that had taken place, is relavant to other similar crackdowns in European and north American context. Especially because of divide-and-rule tactic that status quo has in the very heart of its meanings and goals. We hope to have this to understand our experience better to know what to expect in the place where you live and organize.



Není důvod se radovat. Vrchní soud v Praze dnes rozhodl o odvolání Igora Ševcova. Podle rozsudku Igor nesmí navštívit sportoviště, kulturní akce, manifestace (demonstrace, pochody) a ostatní akce pořádané anarchistickým hnutím po dobu tří let. Většině lidem se takový rozsudek jeví jako mírnější než vyhoštění na dva roky, ale není čemu tleskat. Připravili jsme pro vás report ze včerejšího procesu.

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[Greece] ABC Solidarity Cell: Strength to the anarchist hunger striker Martin Ignačák

Another solidarity action, this time from Athens and Lesvos. Thank you for anarchist greetings and international solidarity! Nice report and amazing pictures from

Action at the embassy of the Czech Republic in Athens; the banner reads: “Solidarity with the anarchist hunger striker Martin Ignačák – ABC Solidarity Cell”

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Athens spray-painted: “Freedom to Martin Ignačák – Anarchist Black Cross”

Czech embassy’s entrance spray-painted; flyers thrown in support of incarcerated anarchist Martin Ignačák

In April 2015, the Czech State launched a repressive campaign under the name “Operation Fénix” targeting the anarchist movement that’s active on its territory. Continue reading