Repressions in so-called Czech republic. Timeline A2 poster


Police repressions and surveilance targeting against anti-authoritarian and subversive movements had always been present. In past years we experienced them of an unprecedented scale of Czech context and history, including entrapment, terrorist charges, large media demonization, attempts of dividing the movement, spreading paranoia, imprisonment and long exhausting court hearings. „Operation Fénix“, as police name for the entrapment operation that had taken place, is relavant to other similar crackdowns in European and north American context. Especially because of divide-and-rule tactic that status quo has in the very heart of its meanings and goals. We hope to have this to understand our experience better to know what to expect in the place where you live and organize.

Všechnu moc imaginaci?/All power to the imagination (CZ/EN)

Když roku 1968 ve Francii proběhly rozsáhlé stávky a dělnicko-studentské nepokoje, jedním ze sloganů těchto událostí bylo “Všechnu moc imaginaci”. Česká policie a soudy si nyní zřejmě heslo vykládají po svém. Svou moc prosazují rozvíjením vlastní fantazie.

Když policie chtěla na mě vydat zatykač, zdůvodňovala to spekulativními tvrzeními a kupou nesmyslů. Očividně jim to k vydání zatykače postačilo. Je až děsivé, jak může být jejich fantazírování mocné.


When whidespread strikes and workers’ and students’ riots took place in France at 1968, one of the slogans back then was “All power to the imagination”. Czech police and courts now have their own interpetation. They assert their authority through fostering their own imagination.

When police wanted the arrest warrant on me, their claimed reasons for that were speculative statements and bunch of random bullshit. Obviously, it was enough for getting the warrant. It is even scary, how powerful their imagination can be.

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