Police operation against extremists: the anarchists prepared a terrorist attack against a train

We have decided to share a few articles from some of the official Czech media outlets to paint a broader picture of the situation here. This one is from, published on May 1st 2015, at 6 o’clock in the morning:

Police operation against extremists: the anarchists prepared a terroris tattack against a train

Police in Brno

PRAGUE. According to the police leftist extremists prepared a big terrorist attack on a train. The publication is not entirely clear about the kind of train: a train with military equipment or with Hyundai cars. It seems the group wanted to use molotov cocktails. This information is found in a document to which the server had exclusive access.

According to the police the radical anarchists of the group “Site revolucnich bunek” [Network of revolutionary cells], against which the police went into action last Tuesday, prepared a big terrorist attack. “Not later than September 2014 they started the preparations for a direct attack on an until now not clearly defined cargo train carrying either military equipment or Hyundai passenger cars”, reads the police report. Continue reading