Anarchist Radio The Final Straw: Interview with two anarchists living in Czech about operation Fenix

An anarchist radio from North Carolina, USA – The Final Straw in the show from January 31st called Repression of Czech anarchists by Operation Fenix, Zolo Azania, Jared Chase, and the State of Emergency at la ZAD made an interview with Sasha and Igor about operation Fenix and the anarchist responds in Czech Republic.

“For the majority of this show, we spoke with Sascha and Igor who live in Prague about Operation Fenix, which began in April 2015 when the police of the Czech Republic commenced an operation against the anarchist, anti-authoritarian and animal liberation movement. During the course of this wave of repression, there were a number of house raids during which equipment was confiscated, and it has since come to light that agent provocateurs were used heavily in the arrests which took place. In this interview, we talk about how anarchists in Prague are handling this scrutiny, as well as ways to combat divide and conquer tactics used by cops, how the media is weaponized against anarchists, and what someone might do about these things. ”

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