Solidarity event in Bristol, UK

Operation Fenix is a murky & dirty tale of Police repression, fit-ups & coercion in the Czech republic. It targetted anarchists, animal liberationists & other radicals, leading to numerous arrests, leaving some comrades on remand in prison and numerous facing long trials.

There’ll be a Presentation on Operation Fenix, followed by questions & answers & discussion. Starts at 7.30pm.

Bristol August 18th: Czech Film Night, Prisoner Solidarity & Discussion! (with food!)

Czech anarchists have faced a wave of repression and intimidation due to the recent ‘operation fenix(phoenix)’.
Houses were raided, squats evicted, organising spaces attacked, dozens arrested & injured, websites taken down and draconian ‘anti terror’ legislation used.
What led to this repression? What have activists been doing on the ground in the Czech Republic? Most importantly, how can we offer our solidarity? Continue reading