The CrimeThinc. Ex-Workers’ Collective Podcast #17: Conspiracy! State Repression Strategies and Anarchist Resistance

We decided to share an episode #17: Conspiracy! State Repression Strategies and Anarchist Resistance. The topic is very relevant to the situation in the Czech Republic and can answer many question some of us might have about police tactics, infiltration, spies, surveillance and connect our situation with similar ones regardless of how far away they took place. We highly recommend you listen to this episode and check out more of their podcasts and CrimeThinc. Ex-Workers’ Collective.

Download in mp3 here.

If you want to skip the hot wire and listeners’ feedback (which definitely does not hurt to listen to) and get right to the main topic you may start at 16 min.

The CrimeThinc. Ex-Workers’ Collective (a decentralized anarchist collective composed of many cells which act independently in pursuit of a more free and joyous world) is in Czech republic known as an anarchist book label, as a collective releasing the journal Rolling Thunder, pamphlets and other tools, collaborating on movies and presenting and bringing all the different projects into our cities like for example the recent To Change Everything tour around central Europe.
The Ex-Workers’ Collective are spreading the message about different struggles which are unfolding around the world and describing the anarchist alternative to lives of servitude and strife. Besides the real world and their web the collective spreads the message through a series of podcasts.

A Podcast of anarchist ideas and action for everyone who dreams of a life off the clock.

Song Of The Day: V.A.P. – Zpráva komu?// V.A.P. – A message to whom?

VAPMinulý týden jsme uváděli rap, dnes nemůžeme jinak, než představit punkovou kapelu Voice of Anarchopacifism, kapelu ve které Petr zpíval.
“Zpráva komu?” několikrát zazněla na sobotní demonstraci u vazebních věznic. Ve videu je text, díky kterému jsme od V.A.P. vybrali právě tuto skladbu.

Last week we presented rap, today we feel it is the right time to present a punk band called Voice of Anarchopacifism, the band in which Petr was a vocalist. “A message to whom” is a song you could hear last Saturday by the custody jail. The lyrics speak about hope of better a world. Hope that the authorities and the police will understand the uselessness of their power over the others and in the end join our growing movement leading towards a society based on equality and respect.


Song of the day: Provo – Co včera psali v novinách// Provo – What was in the newspaper yesterday

Čas od času zpestříme Antifenix hudbou. Hudba je a (nebo) byla důležitou součástí životů Petra, Aleše i Martina, stejně jako mnoho z nás. Budeme vybírát ze skladeb, které nám připadají relevantní. Rádi a rády se necháme inspirovat. Nebojte se nám zasílat návrhy na náš e-mail.

Jako první skladbu jsme zvolili “Co včera psali v novinách”, jeden z prvních počinů rapového projektu Provo. Provo v textu satiricky reaguje na mediální histerii spuštěnou akcí Fénix. Text i jeho koment najdete na profilu Provo, nebo níže na této stránce.


We are going to start publishing songs from time to time. Music has always been a big part of Peter’s, Ales’ and Martin’s lives. We will choose from relevant songs. You can submit songs, feel free to email us your suggestions.

The first song we have chosen is “Co včera psali v novinách”, loosely translated to ‘in the news yesterday’, which is a song from the rap project Provo. The lyrics are a satirical reaction to the media’s hysteria that came with operation Fenix. You can find the lyrics along with the artists’ comment on their profile as well as below.

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