Report from a solidarity demonstration (28th July)


We recieved this report by email. Thank you for your support.

Today I attended a demonstration at Pankrac Prison, Prague, Czech Republic against Operation Fenix and in Solidarity with Martin, Petr, Ales and Igor (a vegan straight edge anarchist). About 50 other people were also there for the same cause.

One man during the demonstration was viciously arrested by riot police. He urinated on the gate of the prison during a short march along two side walls of the prison.

Before he had finished, a handful (maybe 10) of riot police formed a line in front of him and others came to join the party, one guy tried to block their path and was shoved and had one of the riot cops’ hands round his throat for a couple of seconds.

The first guy was then forcefully pulled by riot police to the side, over a small fence/railing (no gateway; over it), at which he tried to stop the arrest by shoving himself back from the railing by his feet, the riot cops were having none of it and pretty much shoved him over, as he stumbled they bundled him into the van.

A few of his friends tried to stand between the cops and the van, or even to just get close to the van. I saw one guy get squared up to by a riot cop who pretty much did the forehead pushing against a forehead thing that you see tough guys with too much testosterone do and another was pushed with so much force that he fell backwards over a bike that was laying on the grass verge where this all happened.

Prior to this there was a van with the back open and loud speakers blaring loud, anti-authoritarian punk/hardcore music and previously recorded speeches by activists (like you would usually see done through a PA system at a demonstration) in the direction of the cells/prison, at other times there were chants through the megaphone, in a call and response fashion.

This really happens. Hardcore/punk music talks about action, listen to it all you want. Change will only come with confrontation of the oppressive nature of current society. Get out there and do your part.

More information on the reason I was at the prison today: