Toll gates three times on fire in the Czech Republic

The same day (May 1st 2015) at 4pm published another article about the case: Toll gates three times on fire in the Czech Republic

The toll gate near by Hulin after the attack.

HULIN. According to the police, last May the/an anarchist group put a toll gate on fire near Hulin on motor way D1. But this was not the first time somebody set this monitoring installation on fire. The first time a toll gate was on fire was in September 2010. Before that toll gate cameras were also destroyed with foam sealant. 

According to police documents relating to Tuesday’s detention of leftist radicals, the group set one gate on fire in May 2014. According to the website there have been five attacks on “money collecting” equipment, be it that it is not evident that it was done by the same people.
The first three attacks – with foam sealant – were before 2010.

“They concerned three toll gates on motorways in Moravia. The offenders climbed up to them and injected the cameras with foam sealant”, said David Simonik of Kapsch, the company that looks after the toll gate system, to

In September 2010, April 2011 and May 2014 in three different places the protective housing of the toll gate equipment was set on fire.
It seems logical that the attacks have been made by the same people or by sympathizers.
“In all the cases we have co-operated with the police. More comments we won’t give, the investigation continues”, says Jan Rydl, spokesperson for the Express Roads and Motorway Company, owner of the toll gates. The damage caused to the three gates amounts in all to around 15 million crown.
The call for the so far latest arson attack – near Hulin in May 2014 – was launched by the extremists of the “Site revolucnich bunek” [Network of revolutionary cells] on their websites.
“We’ve caused material damage to the structures and firms that make money and enrich themselves by shadowing people. We think also that the camera systems serve as an instrument against direct action. But the cameras are not almighty”, said the anarchists in their proclamation.
*Where the toll gates were set on fire. *
Motorway D1. Km 301 between Olomouc and Ostrava. September 2010. Damage 4.8 million crown (1 crown = 0.04 Euro)
Motorway D1. Km 55 near Soutic. April 2011. Damage 7 million crown.
Motorway D1. Km 263 between Hulin and Kromerizi. May 2014. Damage 3.5million crown.
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